Our UNITWIN Network recognises the global shortage of competent and highly qualified engineers. In addition to this, in many areas around the globe there is still a struggle to attract a representative population (women in particular) into engineering programmes. With this in mind, we have produced a set of Outreach workshops with funding from the Royal Academy of Engineers (RAEng).

  • Show me the ropes!– search and rescue equipment and techniques
  • Going Pico Hydro!– about Pico-Hydro power and it’s uses
  • Do you command and control?– about the roles and responsibilities of organisations involved in emergencies
  • Beat the floods – Global challenge– impacts of natural disasters
  • Power for just a world– about electricity and it’s impacts in the UK and globally
  • Design a blog– about the global sanitation crisis
  • Relief shelter– challenges of providing shelters after a natural disaster
  • Transport systems– about the relationships between transports and global poverty and disasters
  • eZero island– about technologies through effective energy provision
  • Building with earth– learning how to build homes out of earth

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