KS4 curriculum Links for Coventry University Humanitarian Engineering and Computing Workshops.

This engaging and hands on group of workshops puts engineering and computing at the heart of humanitarian work across the world. Students will develop a new view of the role of these curriculum areas as well as develop their personal and group working skills.

Curriculum Links to KS4  (from September 2015 in English and Mathematics, September 2016 in most other subjects)


Personal and Social development

As well as the wealth of curriculum opportunities these workshops address there is a wider development issue that we feel they support. Building confidence and resilience in students is an important aspect of their lives at school. Meeting adults other than teachers and working together as a group to solve problems and explore issues is an excellent way of helping them develop important life skills.

Workshops such as these help students develop:

  • Independence
  • Enquiry skills
  • Communication skills
  • Effective team work
  • Resilience
  • Responsibility
  • An understanding of social and technological justice
  • A wider view of the world and their place in it

The role of engineering and computing in supporting humanitarian work across the world

KS4 is an exciting and important time for students. It is the point at which they start to shape their own education and make choices that will influence the direction they take in careers and further study. It is important that they developing a broad and accurate picture of where some of the career paths that lead from STEM subjects. Engineering is one of those career choices that students may not have an accurate picture of.

Recruitment into engineering has always been an issue in the UK. It’s image among students at school is often that of a dirty, industrial and male dominated career path. Our workshops seek to highlight the essential role engineers play in supporting vulnerable people around the world and emphasis the social and caring aspects of engineering as a career. Developing an understanding of the wide variety of engineering careers and the important role it plays in making the world a better place for everyone is part of what we seek to achieve.